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I am Christophe Dierckx , married, father of 2 children.
After years of being sick myself (sleep apnea), I am convinced that the cause of illness has an emotional foundation. And I’m not alone …

Dave Elman as a pioneer

In his book “Hypnotherapy” (1964), Dave Elman already describes the emotional causes of hay fever, asthma, skin rash, depression and stuttering. By returning to the past (consciously or with hypnosis / regression) the cause can be found.

After studying NLP and hypnosis myself, I can only confirm the above conclusion of Dave Elman.

Since 2017 I am the head coach (Belgium and the Netherlands) of the Simpson Protocol. Ines Simpson (Canada) has discovered that thanks to the achievement of the Esdaile state, the client can create a phenomenally powerful inner change. With this protocol the client goes on a discrete (there is no talking, communication is done via ideomotor signals) and safe way a “problem” in a holistic way. I also mean REALLY holistic: on a mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual level. No suggestions are given. My analytical thinking is too small to be able to offer a solution to your problem. Your subconscious or Higher Consciousness has all the trump cards to let go of the problem.”

This week we chat with Christophe Dierckx in Belgium We will talk about how with Simpson Protocol we are literally exploring the frontiers of the Mind – and as a result, being able to get outstanding outcomes for our clients. We will chat about the science, the art and the results of how we are charting the Mind. Hypnosis was once very holistic and profound in the hands of Shamans and the magic men and women of ancient times. But then with the mechanical age of industrialism and technology – Hypnosis was used in a very limited and mechanical way Now we are bringing back the full scope and we talk about where that is taking us

PLUS –  Hints at limitations of immortality!!



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