Hypnosis-Everywhere -Lebanon edition – chat with Daniel Ghanimé

Daniel is a Holder of an International MBA (MBAIP) in enterprise management,licensed Morpho-psychologist, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Parenting coach practitioner, a musician and a telecom professional. Daniel is a main resource provider for senior consultants in the fields of emotional intelligence, management, leadership and coaching. Daniel is a parent of two amazing kids that shaped the knowledge and perspective of how much emotions can affect the past that would hinder the present to build a future, His work is about the idea of reshaping and reprograming the emotions to build resilience and emotional awareness in children as well as adults. On top of all that his trainings in improvised acting have paid off, boosting his empathic personality and giving him many diverse ways in storytelling and emotional talks that resonate with whoever is undergoing therapy, resulting in the change and healing for his clients.




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