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We talk to Nathalie Ristord and how she uses Intuitive Hypnosis for profound change

An Intuitive and Humanistic Hypnosis

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Nathalie Ristord studied art, cinema and creativity in Montreal where she obtained her bachelor.

After owning a video production company, she specialized in the art of expressing one’s creativity through visual arts and writing.  Nathalie then became a creative writing instructor as well as a creativity workshop designer.

Through her years of teaching the art of free self-expression, she discovered the censoring power of the conscious in blocking the creativity flow. On the contrary, when the unconscious could openly release its imaginative potential, the students were in a state of relaxation and in total symbiosis with their creative process.  Suddenly, they could go beyond their blocks and articulate their inner world with surprising richness and originality.  Participants felt connected to themselves and energized.  They were sometimes even surprised how some inventive ideas may have occurred in their mind.

It is by trying to understand the creativity process and the power of the unconscious mind that Nathalie studied Therapeutic Hypnosis at the Francine Boisvert School of Hypnosis in Montreal.  She discovered how powerful our mind can be in order to heal issues we want to get rid of, and enhance our positive abilities.

In her practice of hypnosis, Nathalie favors the intuitive process where she guides the patient through his own unconscious, allowing it to freely reveal and identify the origin of blocks.  As a Therapeutic Hypnotist, Nathalie supports, and orients the patient in the process of suppressing the undesired problem and fill the mind with a new positive scheme of thought.  This humanistic and personalized approach as proved its success in different areas such as emotional and mental issues, as well as health problems.


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Hypnotism is really an act of self-hypnosis by the client with the practitioner serving as a guide.  As hypnotists, we help you enter your unconscious mind and orient you in finding your path to solve the issue of your choice.  Hypnotists are motivational coaches, not health care workers.  We do not independently diagnosis nor treat medical or mental disease. Instead, we help people cope with normal problems in living. Nathalie Ristord




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