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Justin Tranz has been headlining the Las Vegas Strip for over a decade . He has also had a weekly television series “Extreme Truth” on Playboy TV for 15 years, had his Broadway Show in New York, NY. Justin has been on The Tonight Show, The Wayne Brady Show, MTV, and much more demonstrating the entertainment side of hypnosis JUSTIN TRANZ also knows the serious side of hypnosis, and the benefits it can bring. When Justin speaks of improving lives with hypnosis, he speaks from personal experience. Justin was a severe stutterer, the speech therapists gave up on him, and told him he would be a lifelong stutterer. Justin used hypnosis to overcome this debilitating challenge. Justin has help athletes in all sports and levels of competition. Justin works with NBA Players to improve their game and lives. Justin has worked with many professional boxers and Justin has also helped thousands of golfers to lower their score with the power of Hypnosis

This is the podcast on Oct 9 with Justin

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