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This week we chat with Elizabeth Rose – and as this is Hypnosis-Everywhere – the Next Level – we will explore the possibility of using Deep State Hypnosis to explore Astral Travel, Past and Future Lifetimes; Healing of the Soul, Twin Flames, Prophesy and Trance Channeling. How far can you go with Hypnosis? Why is deep trance channeling important? What does it mean to be spiritually healed? What is the process to become spiritually healed? Who or what is actually in charge -of this journey?

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Rose from St Johns NB Canada  – is an Author, NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Master Clinical Hypnotist, Certified Healing Arts Facilitator and Deep Trance Channel based at therosecottage.ca in Saint John, New Brunswick. She is also a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) with over 25 years of experience in institutional investment management. In 2001, her focus shifted and she began helping individuals heal, expand their awareness, and accomplish specific behavior and life goals through powerful hypnosis, healing, and counseling techniques. Today, Elizabeth specializes in consciousness exploration using hypnosis, energy healing, and deep trance channeling. She wrote a book that outlined her spiritual awakening called “Diamond Lantern, Waking-up to Who You Really Are” and is completing two books on Historical Research Using Past Life Regression and another on Twin Flames



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Hypnotism is really an act of self-hypnosis by the client with the practitioner serving as a guide.  As hypnotists, we help you enter your unconscious mind and orient you in finding your path to solve the issue of your choice.  Hypnotists are motivational coaches, not health care workers.  We do not independently diagnosis nor treat medical or mental disease. Instead, we help people cope with normal problems in living. Nathalie Ristord


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