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In this week’s episode with Freddy – we talk about the Freddy Trance and the many Freddy Theories of how Hypnosis works and the Mind. Plus the power of Love and other positive emotions to create positive change in a life

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Freddy is well known for his Arrow Technique and you can see him talk about that here – 

Topic: Freedom from Pain Seminar
Start Time : Feb 11, 2019 20:38

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About Freddy In his own words

I consider myself to be an ordinary man, who is lucky enough to have found himself doing an extraordinary job.

In the early 1990s, out of curiosity I attended a hypnotherapy course, which set me on an incredible journey that I have been on ever since. Many people seeking help to overcome perceived limitations, have found their way onto my path over the years and together we have helped them discover freedom and well-being once again.

In 1999, I founded the UK Hypnotherapy Training College, now known as the ‘Jacquin Hypnosis Academy’. Since 1999, along with my son Anthony, I have trained hundreds of people on five continents to be effective hypnotherapists.

In 2010 I achieved a Bachelor of Science degree, (BSc) in Clinical Hypnosis from St Mary’s College University, Twickenham.

Over the past twenty-five years, I have developed, hypnotherapy techniques and protocols, that are now helping hypnotherapist help their clients make rapid positive changes in their life. I am also the author of the book ‘Hypnotherapy’ which has sold thousands of copies, worldwide.

The subject of hypnosis has fascinated me since my first experience, and will, I am sure, continue to fascinate me. I cannot perceive of a time when I won’t be using hypnosis as an eloquent, therapeutic, way to change our life.


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Hypnotism is really an act of self-hypnosis by the client with the practitioner serving as a guide.  As hypnotists, we help you enter your unconscious mind and orient you in finding your path to solve the issue of your choice.  Hypnotists are motivational coaches, not health care workers.  We do not independently diagnosis nor treat medical or mental disease. Instead, we help people cope with normal problems in living. Nathalie Ristord


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