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Jacquie Balogh

Hi there. My name is Jacquie Balogh. I am a Certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists and I am Canada’s first Certified Advanced Simpson Protocol Hypnosis Practitioner. Today I want to invite you into my world and my passion for the world of Hypnosis.

We all live in the same world however, as opposed to many who live in the world of constructs and concretes, I live in a world filled with expansion and opportunity!

In the world of Hypnosis, I work with the mind, and in particular the Superconscious or highest of minds, which is the most amazing part of ourselves. I work with the blank canvas that each client brings to me and through the art of Hypnosis, we are able to create a personal masterpiece for each individual that involves releasing the negative and enhancing the positive… Basically, client-driven change!

I have designed my life and my practice to keep people motivated mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and to provide encouragement, positivity, laughter, education and a bit of fun in all our daily lives. I work with everything and ANYTHING is possible!

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Let’s Talk

I believe in the power of the words “Let’s Talk”, for in them magic is created and hope is born! And through those words, I seek to inspire and be the medium for people to create that powerful vision of change and restorative health for themselves in their lives and to bring about empowerment, positive body image and a balanced life/career. When your mind, body, soul and spirit are all working in alignment, the results you witness in your daily interactions with life will help you ascend to greater levels of happiness, contentedness and achievement than you ever thought possible.


Why Transcendence?


Transcendence Hypnosis was borne of the pursuit of freedom…from the inflictions of your physical self upon your spiritual self, and your ability to pursue the life you want, on your terms. My main goal is to let my clients know that they are seen, they are heard, and they are validated and unique. The adjacent goal is to then alleviate individual suffering and open clients up to the simplicity of life, putting them on the path toward self-realization through their own thoughts and actions.


What If?


Through my practice, I have had the profound privilege of being able to deeply connect with people on multidimensional levels. I have borne witness to often immediate and profound realizations of the ability of the self to heal through immersive hypnotherapy. Clients achieving the results that serve them in their lives only fuels the passion I have to help others answer their “What If?” with healing results that leads to their ultimate success story!



Phone: 306-536-6036

Email: jacquie@transcendencehypnosis.com

Find me on Facebook: Jacqueline A. Balogh (send me a friend request)

Website: www.transcendencehypnosis.com



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