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This week we chat with Gina Strole and Jacquie Balogh about Mediumship, Intuitive healing and of course Hypnosis. WE chat about what they offer their clients – and anyone – and most importantly we chat about Healing the healers – which is a new book Jacquie Balogh has – available in June

Jacquie Balogh


Hi there. My name is Jacquie Balogh. I am a Certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists and I am Canada’s first Certified Advanced Simpson Protocol Hypnosis Practitioner. Today I want to invite you into my world and my passion for the world of Hypnosis.

We all live in the same world however, as opposed to many who live in the world of constructs and concretes, I live in a world filled with expansion and opportunity!

In the world of Hypnosis, I work with the mind, and in particular the Superconscious or highest of minds, which is the most amazing part of ourselves. I work with the blank canvas that each client brings to me and through the art of Hypnosis, we are able to create a personal masterpiece for each individual that involves releasing the negative and enhancing the positive… Basically, client-driven change!

I have designed my life and my practice to keep people motivated mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and to provide encouragement, positivity, laughter, education and a bit of fun in all our daily lives. I work with everything and ANYTHING is possible!

Gina Strole

I have seen Spirit my whole life. I have closed it down several times before because I didn’t understand it, or how it was supposed to fit into my life. About 10 years ago, I decided to figure out who I really was. It has been a process, but one I would never take back. What an amazing ride it has been to learn to understand and to learn to live what I feel like is my calling in life. As I have grown and matured with things Spiritual, I love being able to deliver healing messages from those in spirit, offer healing sessions to help others release their baggage and live a more full life for themselves. I also love to help others that want to step out of the Spiritual Closet, into the life they were designed to live.


FEAR BREAKTHROUGH: A Medium’s Journey to Embracing 

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