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We talk to Kaz Riley about her ‘Sexpertness’ and ‘Trancing in the Sheets’ podcast- Valentines Day podcast

Sexual Freedom Hypnosis Program

What is Sexual Freedom?

Sexual Freedom is…

“The ability to choose to have a consenting, confident, satisfying sex life, in the absence of sexual dysfunction, guilt and shame.”

And now follow her on Trancing in the Sheets  Trancing in the Sheets with Kaz Riley

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In  recent studies have shown that up to thirty per cent of men and forty per cent of women have a sexual dysfunction, most  people have no idea where to go for help or the help available to them is very old fashioned and based on very outdated theories of human sexuality and norms.

Sexual freedom is one of the most rewarding, interesting, lucrative and unsaturated hypnotherapy markets.

Sexual freedom has many niche areas within a niche, you may wish to specialise with couples, individuals, L.G.B.T., Kink-friendly, or just cover the whole sexual freedom niche.

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Trancing in the Sheets

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Hypnotism is really an act of self-hypnosis by the client with the practitioner serving as a guide.  As hypnotists, we help you enter your unconscious mind and orient you in finding your path to solve the issue of your choice.  Hypnotists are motivational coaches, not health care workers.  We do not independently diagnosis nor treat medical or mental disease. Instead, we help people cope with normal problems in living. Nathalie Ristord



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