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Stin-Niels Musche

Stin-Niels Musche has been working on hypnosis since 2009. It had been around him since his first own hypnosis session. He has realized what a wonderful hypnosis tool to help people quickly and sustainably.

Stin-Niels Musche has been working in adult education since 2010. In recent years, he has inspired over 2000 seminar participants. And completed well over 500 event days.

“He is someone who manages to have a large group in front of him and to know each and every one within half an hour”

He still benefits today from the many sessions during which he gave Norbert Preetz was allowed to look over his shoulder. Dr. Norbert Preetz was the one who infected him with the “hypnosis virus”. His mentor and instructor. Together you have given many seminars on the topics of fears, blockades, self-help and personality development.

Much of what Stin-Niels Musche uses in his hypnosis sessions, and also teaches his classmates today, he has directly with the hypnosis greats of the world, such as Ines Simpson, Gerald No, Larry Elman, Ron Eßlinger, James Ramey and Dr. Norbert Preetz learned.

In November 2012, he was one of four award winners at the international hypnosis congress in Zurich. He received an award for his work so far, as well as for the support he gave and gives to other hypnotists.

In 2017 he founded Hypnoschool – the most comprehensive Hypnosis Training school in Germany  https://hypnoschool.de/


Personal WEBSITE  :  https://www.hypnosetermin.com/

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