Hypnosis on the Radio- Beryl Comar Revisited


Beryl Comar, must be one of the most trained Hypnotists on the planet!!. There isn’t a course she hasn’t taken ( well there must be a few – but hyperbole is hyperbole!).

She was the first to conduct mind sciences training in the Arabian Gulf – the first Certified Instructor in NLP, EFT and Hypnosis in the Middle East and East Africa.

Beryl has trained with both Richard Bandler and Jerry Kein (among others)  so has a diverse and wide experience in all styles of Hypnosis.

The show will talk to Beryl about her experiences and travels – but will focus mostly on Beryl’s work with Hypnodontics (using Hypnosis in Dentistry) and what she calls Broken Heart Cure – a way of using Hypnosis to move on from bad or broken relationships.

You can find her book on Hypnodontics and more information on her website – CLICK HEREHypnodonticsWorld.com

She also teaches extensively on her ‘Broken Heart cure’ combined with her own Protocol on Emotional Intelligence – BerylComar.com


This week back with Bery Comar – and this time we broadcast from her home in Spainr – Wed May 23rd 11.00am

– and then available wherever you find your favorite podcast



Last time we chatted with Beryl, me in Vancouver and Beryl , by phone, in Dubai. This time I join her in her house in Spain and we chat about her take on Transactional Interactions – meaning how we get to be who we are and then how to interact with another.

She uses the mnenomic  PQRST – listen and you will find out how to use the letters to help with interactions


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