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Mona Abdulrahim-Santl is the owner of Mind Your Power, a Holistic Consultancy focused on the development of a mindset of wellbeing and positivity, for the personal, educational and corporate environment. She is also the mother of 3 now adult boys, whose outcome she considers as her biggest success in life. Having lived in several countries and continents, she understands how to flexibly adapt her training courses and coaching sessions to cultural, and also unique and individual needs. As Master NLP Trainer, Psychology Healing Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Instructor and Emotional Intelligence Specialist, she regularly holds intercultural and motivational seminars and talks, and has designed and facilitated training courses in various areas of soft skills. Mona is the founder of ‘Hypno-Parenting’. She has worked with International Schools, training parents, and also academic staff in the art of effective communication. She is equally fluent in English, French, Arabic and German.




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