Hypnosis-Everywhere – the Next Level -with Tony Kyprios

The second of two great interviews with my friend in Toowoomba !!  Tony Kyprios

And yes I have been to Toowoomba (a great name you have to admit) in Queensland – and it’s awesome!!)

Tony Kyprios is a certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and trainer as well as a qualified counselor. He has a full time practice in his home town Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. The focus of his practice is working with individuals and businesses to affect change and to increase productivity and improve culture.
Tony Kyprios has for many years worked with both indigenous and non-indigenous Australian communities. He began his career as a Transpersonal and Emotional Release Counselor using expressive therapies. Some of these modalities include; sand play, voice dialogue, dream and symbol work, bodywork and movement, emotional release work, and artwork.
In 2005 Tony became a clinical hypnotist and a practitioner of NLP.
Later he went on to attain his Master Practitioners certification and Train the Trainer in NLP.

Great videos of Tony presentations here on his facebook page  – How to change your Mind   and Keep it

Below is the current chat

Here is August 2018 – discussing above and below the line

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Listen to the 2018 podcast here

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