Hypnosis - the new inventiveness of today's Hypnotists

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Ines Simpson – Hypnotist and Hypnotist Trainer

Ines Simpson chats about whats new in this era of Hypnosis. Discusses the simpler methods now used by skilled and talented Hypnotists, who pursue their art and practice with passion and deep intelligence. The simpler deeper state Hypnosis creates profound change for the client and allows for much faster and simpler processes in the session. Also shorter sessions. Proving that Hypnosis is a therapy that works in a very short time period Ines also discusses the innovations in the Simpson Protocol – the deep state Hypnosis she has evolved over time . The Simpson Protocol combines the different aspects of Jerry Kein, Dave Elman, NLP and Ericksonian language – to provide the simple clean process that it is. LINK to Free Downloadable Book on Simpson Protocol- CLICK HERE

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Third Season Episodes

Episode 1 - Tom Nicoli

Episode 2 - Rafael Baltresca

Episode 3 -  Tim Horn

Episode 4 - Sheila Granger and Jo-Anne Eadie

Episode 5- The new Inventiveness of today's Hypnotists

Episode 6-Patient Whisperers

Episode 7- Lisa Halpin - Coaching and Hypnosis

Episode 8 - Lance Baker

Episode 10 - Sara Herring

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email  ines@inessimpson.com

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