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My Guest on Wed Jan 10th – is the amazing Bob Burns and his Swan Protocol- here he is being all professional


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Bob Burns hypnotised his first person in 1973 and since then has used hypnosis on stage, street, impromptu and in his therapy room in Montrose, Scotland where he also mentors visiting consultants from around the world as he allows them to witness live sessions with many of his clients in order that they can actually SEE real life cases before their very eyes. Bob, who is also a professional musician, mentalist and magician, also runs workshops internationally teaching and demonstrating everything required to be a hypnotherapist and how to start and run a professional practice. And by far the most important part of Bob’s teaching is The Swan, which is now used and practiced by therapists, psychologists, healers and doctors in more than 75 countries around the world. But although he runs workshops and mentors others Bob insists on mainly being known as a full-time working clinical hypnotist, Monday through to Friday.

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